Range of Specialty Performance Chemicals for Agricultural Industry (EC, SC, SL, WP, WDG, CS, EW, ME, OD)

ChemMatrix offers a wide range of speciality chemicals to agriculture industry for better performance of agriculture products in the field.

These include emulsifiers for Emulsifiable Concentrates, Built in Adjuvants for soluble liquids, Wetting & Dispersing agents for suspension concentrates, Capsule Suspension and Micro Emulsion, Wettable Powders & Water Dispersible Granules as well as Tank Mix Adjuvants.

Emulsifiers being offered by ChemMatrix are known by the name of ChemMul followed by distinctive numbers or set of alphabets. Each emulsifier is a special blend manufactured in modern reactor. These products are highly standardised and subject to strict quality control performance test.

The emulsifiers are being offered in binary system or the modular system derives its advantage by accommodating variation in solvents and toxicants and at the same time keeping the inventory levels of emulsifier at a low level. This is attained by changing the ratio in which the emulsifier are used. Also, they can be suitably paired for several EC formulations.

Hence, looking into the advantages of the binary or the modular system, it is recommended that the formulators should use this system after suitably selecting a pair. The selection procedures of the emulsifier depends on the nature of toxicants and the type of solvent used. The ratio of the selected emulsifiers would depend on the source of raw material and standard of emulsion aimed at. Hence to determine the appropriate ratio we adopt series of steps as follows :

Screening of emulsifiers
: A set of matching pairs of anionic and non-ionic emulsifiers are chosen through a series of steps to establish the appropriate ratio.

  • A set of two blank solutions (EC without emulsifier) are prepared leaving a gap of the desired dosage of emulsifier.
  • The desired dosage of anionic & non-ionic emulsifiers to be added in blanks prepared separately. The blank solutions to be marked as “A” & “B”. Both the blanks (“A” & “B”) to be stirred vigorously to ensure proper mixing.
  • EC samples to be tested in 11 stoppered glass cylinders for emulsion as per the below chart :
  • Volumetrically blend to be done (as per row 3 in above table). The chart has been made for 5% dosage of emulsifiers to be tested on 1 specific toxicant.
  • Different ratios to be tested as per row 4 in above table.

Selection of Emulsifiers : the best chosen cylinder is to be left on stability for determination of creaming & sedimentation. The EC (optimum chosen cylinder)

is to be test for accelerate heat stability.