Who we are

We ChemMatrix are in the business of chemistry expertise. Safe, Sustainable chemistries are a part of good life, ensuring hygiene, Safe water, food safety and more.

Our primary expertise lies in producing, developing and marketing chemical intermediates, additives and Specialty Chemicals. We focus on our clients’ requirements in order to provide innovative product and service solutions.


Eco-friendly Production ethics

We are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner and strive to improve our performance to benefit our Employees, Customers, Communities and the environment. We use energy wisely and efficiently and employ technology to minimize risk of environment impact.


Ideas for Product Innovation

To manufacture quality and consistently diverse specialty chemicals through constant and innovative R&D which is customer centric and has a global reach.

ChemMatrix strives to be the most respected global source for Chemical Intermediates, Additives and Specialty Chemicals by preserve the ecological balance through Strong & safe environment consciousness.


Delivering with Reliabilities

We use innovative processes to manufacture the highest quality of specialty Chemical solutions to help its customer grow profitably.